Once children go to school, establishing healthy eating habits requires a cooperative effort between the home and the school. Since students spend more time in school than in almost any other environment and may consume 40% of their daily food intake at school, the school setting can have a tremendous and positive impact on the foods children eat, student health and learning.

PEI’s school nutrition policy (and regulations) applies to all foods offered in cafeterias, canteens, vending machines, school-based breakfast, lunch, and snack programs as well as fundraising activities and campaigns. It does not apply to students’ lunches from home. Rather, it is to help schools to encourage and maintain supportive environments which promote healthy food choices, both in the food and beverages available at school and through other supports such as time to eat, access to food, and curriculum.

School nutrition policies have been adopted for all schools in the former Eastern and Western School Districts and also in La Commission scolaire de langue française (CSLF). Now, the English Language School Board (ELSB) is combining the Eastern and Western policies, which will be updated soon. Click on the following links to read the details of the policies and regulations (that describe foods to be sold in schools).

ELSB School Nutrition Policy (Former Eastern District)

CSLF Food and Nutrition in Schools Policy

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